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Treatment that actually solves your problem!

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By thinking and looking beyond regular physical therapy, your problem can be solved permanently. Often faster than you think.

Most problems are resolved within 6 sessions.

We offer physiotherapy services in Amsterdam Zuid and Bussum


Not only releasing muscles, joints or nerves, but also releasing the habits that led to your injury.


We help you gain more control over the way you move and live.


Not only do you want to get rid of your injury, you don’t want a new one either! We help you continue to perform injury-free in your work, sports and life.



Elevating your physio experience

We recognize that dealing with an injury is already a challenging experience on its own. Our goal is to transform your recovery process into a more enjoyable and convenient journey for you. 

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort, with a blend of hospitality and results-oriented approach that truly sets us apart. Plus, we serve a great cup of coffee (just ask any of our staff)

In our sessions we make sure your joints and muscles can move well, and give you exercises to do yourself. You can perform the exercises anytime, anywhere, without equipment. At home, in the office, in the shower.

No endless and boring exercises with little effect. No lengthy treatment programs but significant improvement within 2 sessions!

We are here for you!

Throughout your treatment, your therapist remains readily available for any questions or support you may need.

By the end of your treatment with us, you’ll possess the tools to sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle independently

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to a point where our assistance is no longer a necessity. 


What makes us stand out

One thing that makes our treatments so effective is that we think and look beyond regular physiotherapy and protocols to solve your problem. By combining our physiotherapy with other health and vitality modalities we can tackle your injury from multiple fronts. This will help to create faster and more durable results. 

Another thing that makes us stand out, is that we specialize in Active Release Techniques or ART. This American treatment technique is the gold standard when it comes to treatment of soft tissue (muscle, nerve, tendon, ligament and fascia) injuries.  We are the leading Active Release Techniques clinic in the Benelux and all our therapists are ART certified. 

Sabine Tilta Physiotherapist at Art of Physio



Hip, thigh, knee, calf, shin, ankle and foot problems


Back, spine and neck issues

Upper body injuries

Shoulder, Elbow, wrist and hand issues


Running-, Tennis-, golf-, cycling-, climbing injuries 


stress and work related issues, burnout


Acute muscles tears and strains


Nerve pain in the arm and legs

Sabine Tilta Physiotherapist at Art of Physio

The place where your problem is, is only the tip of the iceberg; the end result of compensation over time.

So just looking at and treating the site of the pain isn’t going to solve your problem. You probably had several therapists doing this already.

What you get with us:

  • Personalized approach. Although every body has pretty much the same building blocks, every injury is different. By finding out exactly where your injury is coming from and what other systems are affecting it, we can create a personalized plan to get you back to where you want to be.
  • Clear and understandable plan. No difficult words. You have to understand what we are doing, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Results. Often faster than you think. The treatment techniques we use are unique in the Netherlands and work really well. 

Not satisfied after your intake? Then you just get your money back.



Physiotherapy with us is more than just treating the painful spot. It’s personal, transparant and results driven.

Sports therapy

Sports therapy focuses on optimizing the muscles and joints you need for a painfree sport experience. We use a combination of hand-on treatment and specific exercises to stimulate your body to move in an optimal way.

Physiotherapy after surgery/fracture

Physiotherapy will help you accelerate your recovery. The sooner you start, the better!

Mobility Training

Get strong and durable joints and muscles. Our joint specific training is the perfect addition to your training.




Who are we?

A team you can rely on!
We are ready to help you get rid of your complaints as soon as possible!

Pieter Faasse

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist

Pieter is the founder of Art of Physio. He is the most experienced Active Release Techniques physiotherapist in The Netherlands and is our soft tissue and mobility specialist!

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You can contact him with stress, work and posture related complaints and sports injuries.

Besides physiotherapy he has also set up a vitality program. This program was created to help people with long-term chronic pain, energy- and sleeping problems.

Clients call him involved, professional and extremely effective!

Besides his work as an entrepreneurial physiotherapist, he has a young family and is training to be a furniture maker. He is also a passionate hobby cook and bookworm.

BIG: 99162236604

Ramon Verdel

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist

After living in Rome for a few years, Ramon is back in the Netherlands. He is a Senior physiotherapist in the Netherlands and certified in Active Release Techniques.

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Within Art of Physio Ramon is our nerve specialist. Think of injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling hands or feet and crushed bone nerves. With ART these problems are quickly found and solved.

His clients call him open, passionate and a lifesaver.

Besides his work, Ramon is a real family man. Tasty and healthy food is very important to him. Therefore he grows his own organic vegetables on his 120m2 vegetable garden. He’s also a big fan of barefoot running and holds a certification in that.

BIG: 39913017004

Hide Kuwabara fysiotherapeut

Hide Kuwabara

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist

After graduating in physiotherapy in Japan, he moved to the Netherlands in 2014. Since then, he has been working as a physiotherapist at several (professional) football clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Brazil.

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He has worked as a personal physiotherapist with professional players in Belgium and was connected with youth academies of professional clubs in the Netherlands and Spain.

With his holistic approach, he can treat and train in a targeted way, so that acute and long-term complaints can be solved quickly and efficiently.

His speciality lies in football/sports injuries, especially in the lower body.

Clients call him inquisitive, a good listener and pleasant to work with.

Besides being a physiotherapist, he is an avid traveller, sportsman and reader.

Languages: Dutch, English, Japanese

BIG: 29920393804

Sabine Tilta Physiotherapist at Art of Physio

Sabine Tilta

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist

With almost a decade of hands-on experience, our physiotherapist Sabine is your go-to expert for all things musculoskeletal.

After obtaining her physiotherapy degree in Latvia in 2015, she took her skills to the Netherlands for a Master’s adventure. But guess what? The books couldn’t keep her away from patients, leading her straight to Art of Physio.

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She’s your go-to physiotherapist for joint injuries, surgery recovery, pre-surgery prep, those annoying headaches, and guess what else? Running injuries! Yep, she’s got a soft spot for runners. From shin splints to IT band issues, she’s tackled them all.

With her analytical ability, she is very good at the diagnostic process and finding the most effective and evidence-based approach. People love working with her—she’s committed, straight to the point and a pleasure to work with. And when she’s not busy fixing folks up, you’ll find her sipping coffee, hitting the trails in the mountains, watching some Netflix series or learning Dutch.


Languages: English, Latvian

Victoria Pollastri

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist

After being injured badly as a French national junior team strength athlete, she visited all kinds of therapist in order to find a solution for her injuries.

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Frustrated with traditional solutions, she wanted to become an expert in the field, to succeed where others had failed.

Victoria has spent the last 10 years training with the best experts in the field, so that today she can help people who share her story.

Combining her edication and and her own personal experience, she developed a unique treatment method to help athletes and sedentary people alike to stop living in pain. At Art of Physio she has also added Active Release Techniques to her skillset.

William Pajamandy, fysiotherapeut Art of Physio fysiotherapie Amsterdam Zuid

William Pajamandy

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist

in 2020 William transitioned from a corporate job to embark on a new path in physiotherapy. Being a physiotherapist allows him to directly contribute to the improvement of people’s lives.

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His speciality lies in running injuries, shoulder injuries, geriatrics, fall prevention, and phyical conditioning. With his diligent and dedicated work ethic (some call that stubbornwink), he persists until a solution is successfully achieved.

In addition to his role in physiotherapy, he works as a personal trainer, specializing in sport injury rehabilitation and optimizing running performance.

Outside work, he finds joy in football, expresses passion through running, and holds a deep love for hiking

Jim de Kock Personal training Amsterdam

Jim de Kock

Psychodynamic Personal Trainer/ Leadership boxing coach

Jim uses movement to unlock the mind-body connection, making you feel better, more capable and energized.

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Pulling from his own experiences in overcoming PTSD and burnout related challenges through movement: you’ll experience a uniquely tuned in coaching style that emphasizes the understanding of high stress lifestyles. 

Jim swiftly identifies the most bang-for-buck lifestyle changes you will focus on. Crafting a tailor-made plan to streamline your path to mind-body wellness, significantly reducing the time and effort you need to invest. 

Check out his website for more information 

Nicolas Bestari Personal Training Amsterdam

Nicolas Bestari

Integrated health coach / Personal Trainer

Nicolas’ holistic approach to health and longevity helps you to overcome issues, niggles and optimized your health. 

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His background in Kinesiology and movement science gives you a multi-dimensional approach that covers the body as a whole, through exercise, nutrition, breathing and sleep. 

Together you’ll build a plan suited to you that builds your capacity, increases your functional movements and soothes pain.

With a tailored therapy plans you will create a solid foundation that will allow you to achieve your health goals.

Check out his website here 

Nicolas Bestari Personal Training Amsterdam

Riet de Vlieger

Admin and Finance

Riet has a background in speech therapy, image consulting and personal branding coaching.

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At Art of Physio she runs the back office and finance department and makes sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. 

Fun fact, she is also Pieter’s mom.


Onder behandeling bij Ramon. Zeer tevreden over de behandeling zelf. Ook Ramon is ontzettend vriendelijk en professioneel. Krijg echt de indruk dat hij weet wat hij doet.

Yara van de Belt Avatar Yara van de Belt
March 31, 2022

Zeer bekwaam in behandeling, vriendelijk en vol met leuke inspirerende ideeën waar je lang wat aan hebt!

FlowtationAV Avatar FlowtationAV
October 8, 2022

Pieter is a great physiotherapist! I always experience immediate relief after a treatment or don't feel any pain at all anymore. He really understands what he's doing and gives excellent service.

Carola Konter Avatar Carola Konter
January 10, 2020

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