Free online checkup




  • Fast and expert answers to your questions about your health-, pain- or movement problem
  • Easily get to know our experts
  • At a moment that suits you. We are available 7 days a week
  • Directly applicable tips and tricks
  • No travel time and 100% corona proof
  • Fully secure video calling

Online checkup, what is that?


The online checkup is our walk-in consultation hour, but then online.

Because the appointment is online, there is no travel time required and you can easily schedule it when it suits you best.

You can contact us with your questions about a pain, injury or movement problem. Also when you have questions regarding stress, fitness, health and prevention, you have come to the right place.

Especially in these times we understand that the threshold to visit the physio is  higher than normal. To still be able to help you, you can book your free online checkup with us.

The number of physical complaints has increased enormously due to working from home. Often these things are easy to prevent with simple tools. For us daily fare, but often completely new for you. Don’t wait while being in pain. Often the solution is in the small things


How does it work?

Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive the link for the video appointment.

If you have a specific issue, we ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your pain and/or movement problem. This way we can prepare ourselves and get the most out of the session.

During the session, the therapist is at your disposal. You can ask your questions, or we can go deeper into the area that is bothering you. We might ask you some additional questions and ask you to do some movements.

After the session, you will have answers to your questions and you will receive applicable tips and tricks. In some cases this is enough and you do not need any further appointments / treatments.

However, we may also recommend that you schedule an appointment for an assessment and treatment.



The checkup is free and without obligation!


How can I schedule?

You can schedule your free checkup through our website.


I have a question about the free online checkup

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