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The location of your problem / pain is is just the tip of the iceberg; the end result of compensation over time. Just treating the problem area isn’t going to solve your problem. You probably already had several therapists doing this.

It is time for something better!

We think and look beyond the beaten tracks and protocols to solve your problem

This integral approach is what makes our treatments so effective !

Our integral approach

We make sure your joints and muscles can move well, and give you exercises to do yourself. You can perform the exercises at any time, without equipment. At home, in the office, in the shower. Anytime, anywhere!

Throughout the treatment process we are always available for questions and / or support. At the end of the treatment process, you will have all the tools to keep your body fit and healthy, and you will no longer need us!

No endless and boring exercises that have little effect. No lengthy treatment programs but often significant improvement within 2 sessions!

Have you already seen several therapists without results?

The first appointment

The first appointment is important! That is why we like to take the time for it.

After the full body assessment we have enough time to start the treatment as well!

You will receive your exercises digitally via the special physiapp.

Everything to make it as convenient as possible for you!

How we can help you!

Massage Zuidas

New at HQ by Art of Physio!   From October onwards our new partner Body Life Massage will be offering massages at HQ.  Alex van de Bilt and his team have 25+ years experience and are very succesful. They call him the masseur of the stars for a reason. Besides his...

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Sports therapy Amsterdam

Sports physiotherapy focuses on optimizing the muscles and joints you need for a painfree sport experience. We use a combination of hand-on treatment and specific exercises to stimulate your body to move in an optimal way. We also look at your ability to recover....

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Physiotherapy after surgery or fracture

If you have had surgery on muscles or joints or if you have broken a bone, it is important to start physiotherapy treatment as soon as possible. Physical therapy helps to accelerate your recovery. Regaining awareness and control in the operated area is one of the the...

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Physiotherapy for companies Amsterdam

Do you want to be a great place to work? Do you want to gain insight into the health and risk areas within your team? Do you want an accessible prevention program with measurable results? Our program is for SMEs and startups in or around Amsterdam, up to 50 employees...

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Active Release Techniques

A strong and healthy body starts with healthy joints and muscles! ART is the best way to get there and keep it that way! Whether you are a keyboard warrior, a professional athlete or just you, ART is the best way to take care of your muscles and joints! It works...

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Personal Injury

Were you in an accident? Do not wait and contact us directly!   An accident is a major event and can have a huge impact on your life. In addition to material damage, there can also be physical complaints such as; persisting muscle and / or joint pain after the...

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What others are saying

Pieter is the best physio I have ever met. He is well read and understands muscle movements very deeply. I have been through several injuries due to sports and in our first session Pieter detected them after assessing my body movements. With his recommendations and therapy I always recovered well enough to compete back. He fixed my crossfit injuries and helped me to compete a Trail Half-marathon. Highly recommended professional, a very kind and humble person! Thank you man!

thumb Zoran
December 3, 2019

Ramon is een zeer kundige fysiotherapeut. Mijn man heeft hem mij aangeraden. Hij had langere tijd last van zijn hand (hij is gitarist) en kwam na een slechte ervaring bij Ramon terecht die hem op zeer kundige wijze heeft geholpen. Ikzelf had last van mijn knieën. Ik had pijn en kon moeilijk trap op en af. Na een grondig onderzoek door Ramon bleek het aan overmatige spierspanning in mijn benen te liggen en na een aantal behandelingen was ik van de klachten af:)

thumb Marlies Ooft
February 6, 2022

While training for my first ultra marathon I started to have a annoying pain in my right foot. Some weeks later, 4 weeks before the race, it became impossible to run. I contacted Pieter who immediately identified the problem with a nerve in my foot. Pieter’s foot strength exercises and treatment did a miracle. Four weeks later the pain was almost gone and I ran my first 52k. I can strongly recommend Pieter. He has a deep understanding of how muscles, tendons and nerves interact and also explains things very well.

thumb Ian
December 30, 2019

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