Our approach

Physiotherapy, only better.

We examine your entire body to find out where your problem really comes from.

The place where your problem / pain is, is only the tip of the iceberg, the end result of compensation over time. Just treating the site of the pain isn’t going to solve your problem. You probably had several therapists doing this.

It is time for something better!

We make sure your joints and muscles can move well, and give you exercises to do yourself. You can perform the exercises at any time, without equipment. At home, in the office, in the shower. Anytime, anywhere!

During the treatment process we are always available for questions and / or support. At the end of the treatment process, you will have the tools to keep your body fit and healthy, and you will no longer need us!

No endless and boring exercises that have little effect. No lengthy treatment programs but significant improvement within 2 sessions!

Have you already seen several therapists without results?

The first appointment

The first appointment is important! That is why we like to take the time for it.

After the full body assessment we have enough time to start the treatment as well!


You will receive your exercises digitally via the special physiapp.


Everything to make it as convenient as possible for you!


Active Release Techniques

At Art of Physio we use Active Release Techniques.


Active Release Techniques is the best way to keep your muscles and joints healthy and strong.

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