Physiotherapy for companies Amsterdam

Do you want to be a great place to work? Do you want to gain insight into the health and risk areas within your team? Do you want an accessible prevention program with measurable results? Check our our physiotherapy for companies program. 

Our program is for SMEs and startups in or around Amsterdam, up to 50 employees who value their employees and want to take good care of them.

Everyone knows that sick employees and absenteeism cost (a lot of) money. So why wouldn’t you, as management, do everything in your power to keep them healthy and fit? In addition, focus on your people creates trust within the team. This trust increases employee engagement and gets you better results across the board.  A win win situation!

No strings attached

Our program starts with a 3d movement assessment and a questionnaire about stress, work / life balance et cetera. This shows the 3 largest areas of improvement.

After the analysis you will receive a report with our findings and advice.

Only after the analysis you decide whether to continue working with us, or not! So no strings attached

When you decide to continue working with us, we will make a program that seamlessly matches what your company or team needs most. Our program consists of targeted physiotherapy treatment that solves and prevents physical complaints combined with specific mobility training aimed at the areas that need it most!

Our prevention program is tax deductible and does not fall under the WKR regulation.


    We would love to connect with you and explore how we can support you to combat work related pain and absenteeism your company or department! Let’s meet up and discuss our physiotherapy for companies program.

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