Manual Therapy Amsterdam

Manual therapy is a specialization in physiotherapy. A manual therapist specializes in spine and joint injuries.

People often associate manual therapy with manipulations or joint cracking. However, this is only one of the types of treatment that a manual therapist can do.

To find out exactly where your problem comes from, we use a 3D motion analysis system. This allows us to gain insight into how your body moves and where you can improve.


When to visit a manual therapist

  • Head and neck pain (often in combination with a stiff upper back)
  • Neck and shoulder problems with or without radiation to the arms.
  • Issues high in the upperback with rib and chest pain
  • Hip problems
  • Low back pain, with or without radiating to the leg
  • Movement related dizziness
  • Jaw problems (sometimes in combination with neck problems)
  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Stiff and / or curved back

Dong is our manual therapist. You can easily book your appointment with him online.

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