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Physiotherapy, only better …

We listen to you and provide insight into your problem.   We solve them and give you the tools to keep your body flexible, strong and healthy.   At the end of the ride, you will no longer need us!

Art of Release

Not just “releasing” muscles, joints or nerves, but also “releasing” the habits that led to your injury.

Art of Control

We help you gain more control over the way you move, train and live.

ART OF Performance

You don’t just want to become injury free, you want to stay that way! We help you to continue to perform injury-free in your work, sports and life.

You probably know them, physiotherapists who only look at the painfull spot,

Where you only have 10 minutes of effective treatment time

And where the result is mediocre

Meanwhile, you are still walking around with pain.

  We are different!   We want you injury free as soon as possible! (and that’s sooner than you think!) We find the underlying cause of your complaints, and solve it You will receive a personalized treatment plan, for your unique complaints   If you have no result or don’t like what we do, you simply get your money back!

There is an Art to Physio!

The background a science, the execution an art

We think and look beyond the beaten tracks and protocols to solve your problem That makes our treatments so effective!

Our ‘Whole body’ approach


We examine your entire body to find the root cause of your problem.

The place where your problem is, is only the tip of the iceberg; the end result of compensation over time.

So just looking at and treating the site of the pain isn’t going to solve your problem. You probably had several therapists doing this.  

It is time for something better!  

We make sure your joints and muscles can move well again and give you exercises to do yourself. You can perform the exercises at any time, without equipment. At home, in the office, in the shower. Anytime, anywhere!  

During the treatment process we are always available for questions and / or support. At the end of the treatment process, you will have the tools to keep your body fit and healthy and you will no longer need us!   No endless and boring exercises that have little effect. No lengthy treatment programs but significant improvement within 2 sessions!  

Have you already seen several therapists without results? Give us a call!


Life is too short to be in pain!

Who are we?

A team to rely on!

We are ready to help you get rid of your complaints as soon as possible!

Pieter Faasse

Pieter Faasse

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist

Pieter is the founder of Art of Physio. He is the most experienced Active Release Techniques physiotherapist in the Netherlands and therefore our soft tissue specialist! He is your go-to guy if you have work-, and posture related complaints or sports injuries.  

Clients call him involved, professional and extremely effective!  

In addition to being a physiotherapist and entrepreneur, he has a young family, is a passionate hobby chef and enjoys reading and carpentry.

BIG: 99162236604

Ramon Verdel

Ramon Verdel

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist

Ramon is our newest team member. He recently moved back to the Netherlands after working in Rome for a long time. In Rome he was the go-to therapist for complex problems. People came from all over Italy to be treated by him.

He is our nerve specialist. Think of complaints such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling hands or feet and sciatic nerve tightness. His clients call him open, passionate and the “guy everyone needs in their life”.

Besides his work, Ramon is a real family man, he likes organic gardening, barefoot running and healthy (and tasty) food.

BIG: 39913017004

What our clients are saying about us

    5 star review  Pieter is the best physio I have ever met. He is well read and understands muscle movements very deeply. I have been through several injuries due to sports and in our first session Pieter detected them after assessing my body movements. With his recommendations and therapy I always recovered well enough to compete back. He fixed my crossfit injuries and helped me to compete a Trail Half-marathon. Highly recommended professional, a very kind and humble person! Thank you man!

    thumb Zoran

    5 star review  I can absolutely recommend Pieter. After suffering from my pain in my heel (fasciitis-plantaris) for 3 months despite resting, I went to Pieter after receiving a recommendation from my colleague. Pieter immediately told me it's not the pain we should focus on, but the function of the foot. After 4-5 sessions and home exercises, I am pain free again. Thank you Pieter! And btw: Pieter is also just a great guy!

    thumb Roel Griep

    5 star review  While training for my first ultra marathon I started to have a annoying pain in my right foot. Some weeks later, 4 weeks before the race, it became impossible to run. I contacted Pieter who immediately identified the problem with a nerve in my foot. Pieter’s foot strength exercises and treatment did a miracle. Four weeks later the pain was almost gone and I ran my first 52k. I can strongly recommend Pieter. He has a deep understanding of how muscles, tendons and nerves interact and also explains things very well.

    thumb Ian
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