Physiotherapy after surgery or fracture

If you have had surgery on muscles or joints or if you have broken a bone, it is important to start physiotherapy treatment as soon as possible. Physical therapy helps to accelerate your recovery.

Regaining awareness and control in the operated area is one of the the first things that is extremely important in the recovery process. Because there has been a serious trauma, followed by a period of immobilization with little to no movement, your brain is, as it were, disconnected from that area. Getting this connection and awareness back is essential for further rehabilitation.

Once this connection is coming back, we can slowly start building up the strength in the injured area. It is important to also include the surrounding muscles and joints.

In addition to regaining the connection between your brain and the injured area, it is important that all involved muscles and joints can move optimally again. That’s what we do best!

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As a rule of thumb, the better you go in, the better you come out. We help you to become as fit and strong as possible, so that your recovery process is accelerated after the operation.

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