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The spot where your problem/pain is, is just the tip of the iceberg; the end result of compensation over time. So just looking at and treating the spot of pain, is not going to solve your problem.

You’ve probably had several therapists doing that.

It’s time for something better!

By thinking and looking beyond regular physical therapy, your problem can be resolved quickly and permanently.

Most problems are out of treatment within 6 sessions.

Not satisfied after your intake? Then you just get your money back!

Who is Art of Physio?

We are not your typical physical therapists. 

Our team is here to help you during your recovery process and support you where ever we can.

Pieter Faasse

Pieter Faasse

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist / Mobility specialist

Pieter is the founder of Art of Physio. He is the most experienced Active Release Techniques physiotherapist in The Netherlands and is our soft tissue and mobility specialist!

You can contact him with stress, work and posture related complaints and sports injuries.

Besides physiotherapy he has also set up a vitality program. This program was created to help people with long-term chronic pain, energy- and sleeping problems. 

Clients call him involved, professional and extremely effective!

Besides his work as an entrepreneurial physiotherapist, he has a young family and is training to be a furniture maker. He is also a passionate hobby cook and bookworm.

BIG: 99162236604

Ramon Verdel

Ramon Verdel

Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist / Nerve specialist

After living in Rome for a few years, Ramon is back in the Netherlands. Together with Pieter he is one of the few physiotherapists in the Netherlands who are certified in Active Release Techniques.

Within Art of Physio Ramon is our nerve specialist. Think of injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling hands or feet and crushed bone nerves. With ART these problems are quickly found and solved.

His clients call him open, passionate and a lifesaver.

Besides his work, Ramon is a real family man. Tasty and healthy food is very important to him. Therefore he grows his own organic vegetables on his 120m2 vegetable garden. He’s also a big fan of barefoot running and holds a certification in that.

BIG: 39913017004

Physioclinic in Amsterdam


Art of Physio has 2 locations in Amsterdam. Our new HQ on the Zuidas and in the Arenagym in Amsterdam South East.


The Zuidas location is ideally located on the Ijsbaanpad, right behind the Olympic stadium, 3 minutes from the A10 highway. Also the Stadionplein, Amstelveenseweg, industrial area the Schinkel and Amsterdam Zuid are close to the clinic. In front of and next to the building there is plenty of (paid) parking space .  The parking lot of the Sporthallen Zuid is the most convenient and cheapest.

At our HQ you can visit us for physiotherapy, but also for personal training, small group training, mobility training and our vitality program.

Art of Physio


Our second location can be found in the Arenagym in Amsterdam SouthEast. This next generation gym has 1000m2 of training space and offers (kick) boxing, MMA, crossfit, fitness and yoga.  

Our vision and working methods fit together nicely when it comes to improving and optimizing the health and vitality of our clients.

At Arenagym, you can visit us for physiotherapy and mobility classes.

Good to know, you do not need to be a member of the gym to make an appointment with us, and parking is free!

Art of Physio Arena

Why Art of Physio as your physiotherapist in Amsterdam?

If you’ve seen other therapists without success, it’s time to try our approach.

We believe in the power of personal relationships. We take the time to listen to you to get to know not only your complaint, but more importantly, you.

What you get with us:


  • Personal approach. N=1. Although every body has pretty much the same building blocks, every injury is different. By finding out exactly where your injury is coming from and what other systems are affecting it, we can create a personalized plan to get you back to where you want to be.


  • A clear and understandable plan. No difficult words. You have to understand what we are doing, otherwise it won’t work.


  • Results. Often faster than you think. The treatment techniques we use are unique in the Netherlands and work very well. Our therapists can regularly be found abroad to learn to help you better.


Not satisfied after your intake? Then you just get your money back.

Our integral approach as physiotherapist Amsterdam


The Art of Physio begins at the first appointment. We take the time to get to know not only your injury, but more importantly, get to know you. 

Most physiotherapists only look at the musculoskeletal system (i.e. muscles, joints etc.). Although acute injuries often find their cause in that system, long-term injuries are rarely just in the musculoskeletal system.

Besides the movement of bones and muscles, we look for the relationships and connections with other systems that are active in your body. Think about your lifestyle, breathing, digestion, immune system, sleep, stress and mindset.

By thinking and looking beyond standard physical therapy, relationships are established more quickly and the solution to your problem is often closer than you think.

How we can help you!


Muscle strains and tears

Let’s talk about muscle strains / tears.   You’re doing your thing and all of a sudden POP. Now what…?   Especially when it is the first time it happens to you, it can be scary.   This blog outlines general guidelines in recovery from a muscle strain. When  you suspect you have a muscle strain or tear, visit a health care professional for an...

Elbow, wrist and hand problems

Elbow, wrist and hand complaints are common in people who do a lot of repetitive movements with their hands and forearms.   Think people with a desk job, dentists, dental hygienists, surgeons, pianists and other musicians. Frequent smartphone use can also lead to injuries to the thumb, hand, wrist and forearm.   These kinds of...

Back and spine problems

Back and spine problems are becoming increasingly common. About 80% of the Dutch sometimes experience some kind of back problems at some point in their life. The back is made up of several parts. Your neck, upper back, lower back, and pelvis / SI joint. Voor meer informatie over nekklachten, kijk dan op de pagina over nek- en schouderklachten....

Neck and schouder problems

After low back problems, neck and shoulder issues are the most common injuries in the physiotherapy clinic. Sometimes the problems are acute, but more often problems to the neck and shoulder are chronic. Because we spend too much of our time sitting, often in a sub-optimal position, our body adapts to this position. A rounded upper back,...


Exercise and sports are generally good for a human, but sometimes it can go wrong. Sports injuries occur. In most cases, the complaints disappear within a few days, sometimes in a few weeks and sometimes they are present years later. Exercise should help you perform better in your life without pain, more relaxation, and more energy. You feel...


Stress-related injuries are becoming increasingly common. The workload and hours are often extremely high, combined with a social life to maintain. This often means less sleep, unhealthy eating and less exercising / moving. Ending up in this vicious circle can create a lot of problems To effectively resolve these issues, it is important to know...

Nerve pain

Nerve pain can have several causes. The most commonly known nerve pain is a back or neck hernia. WIth a spinal hernia, the nerve root is compressed by a bulging intervertebral disc. All nerve entrapments that happen within the spine, like the hernia, are called central nerve entrapments. Every nerve compression outside of the spine is called a...

Hip and thigh problems

Nowadays we spend most of our days sitting. As a result, our hips and legs often remain in the same position for a long time, without much movement and / or muscle tension. Without movement, our muscles and joints become stiff, tight and weak. With these stiff, tight and weak hip and thigh muscles you walk into the gym and start doing complex and...

Knee injuries

Knee pain and knee injuries are the most common leg injuries. However, knee problems rarely arise from the knee itself They often arise because of a lack of motion in either the hip, ankle or foot. The kneejoint, which lies between these joints, will try to compensate for this lack of motion, resulting in an overload injury of the knee.  ...

Calf and lower leg problems

Lower leg problems can develop acutely or build up over time. If the issues last longer than a week, we always advise to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.   Anatomy The lower leg is the part between your knee and your ankle; your shinbone and your fibula. The muscles in your lower leg can be divided into the shin muscles,...

Massage Zuidas

New at HQ by Art of Physio!   From October onwards our new partner Body Life Massage will be offering massages at HQ.  Alex van de Bilt and his team have 25+ years experience and are very succesful. They call him the masseur of the stars for a reason. Besides his...

read more

Sports therapy Amsterdam

Sports physiotherapy focuses on optimizing the muscles and joints you need for a painfree sport experience. We use a combination of hand-on treatment and specific exercises to stimulate your body to move in an optimal way. We also look at your ability to recover....

read more

Physiotherapy after surgery or fracture

If you have had surgery on muscles or joints or if you have broken a bone, it is important to start physiotherapy treatment as soon as possible. Physical therapy helps to accelerate your recovery. Regaining awareness and control in the operated area is one of the the...

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Physiotherapy for companies Amsterdam

Do you want to be a great place to work? Do you want to gain insight into the health and risk areas within your team? Do you want an accessible prevention program with measurable results? Our program is for SMEs and startups in or around Amsterdam, up to 50 employees...

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Active Release Techniques

A strong and healthy body starts with healthy joints and muscles! ART is the best way to get there and keep it that way! Whether you are a keyboard warrior, a professional athlete or just you, ART is the best way to take care of your muscles and joints! It works...

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Personal Injury

Were you in an accident? Do not wait and contact us directly!   An accident is a major event and can have a huge impact on your life. In addition to material damage, there can also be physical complaints such as; persisting muscle and / or joint pain after the...

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What others are saying

Don’t believe our word for it! We have a solid 5 star rating based on over 60 reviews.

‘ Can’t recommend highly enough. Flexible appointments, swift diagnosis, clear explanation of the root cause of problems with a directed treatment plan. Really appreciated the videos with demonstration of the exercises as easy forget some of the details a couple of days after the appointment. Pieter is also very attentive at following up on your progress in between appointments. ‘


‘Art of Physio has helped me significantly in the last few years with persistent neck and shoulder pain, as well as most recently flexibility and body awareness. He really gets it, and he is the physio I recommend to everyone I know, Dutch or English speaking, in and around Amsterdam. He gives positive encouragement, asks the right questions, and motivates you to look after your body better. No-one works harder than Pieter to constantly add to his skillset and knowledge, so he can better treat his clients! ’


‘If you are looking for a professional and experienced physio, you should definitely be with Pieter. Pieter will put you at ease and will not only make sure that the pain is reduced quickly in the short term, but also that the underlying cause is actually addressed. Where most physio’s only treat symptoms, Pieter makes sure you will benefit from the treatment(s) in the long run. After months of walking with neck/back pain, it finally feels good again and I can move pain free. Real winner!’


‘Only positive experience with Art of Physio and especially Pieter! He is helping me to get through the consequences of the knee injury and also to stay positive no matter what. He always gives the detailed explanation of what exactly he’s doing and how it affects my body. After just a few sessions I could feel the results. Highly recommended!’


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