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Muscle strains and tears

Let’s talk about muscle strains / tears.   You’re doing your thing and all of a sudden POP. Now what…?   Especially when it is the first time it happens to you, it can be scary.   This blog outlines general guidelines in recovery from a muscle...

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Elbow, wrist and hand problems

Elbow, wrist and hand complaints are common in people who do a lot of repetitive movements with their hands and forearms.   Think people with a desk job, dentists, dental hygienists, surgeons, pianists and other musicians. Frequent smartphone...

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Back and spine problems

Back and spine problems are becoming increasingly common. About 80% of the Dutch sometimes experience some kind of back problems at some point in their life. The back is made up of several parts. Your neck, upper back, lower back, and pelvis / SI...

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Neck and schouder problems

After low back problems, neck and shoulder issues are the most common injuries in the physiotherapy clinic. Sometimes the problems are acute, but more often problems to the neck and shoulder are chronic. Because we spend too much of our time...

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Exercise and sports are generally good for a human, but sometimes it can go wrong. Sports injuries occur. In most cases, the complaints disappear within a few days, sometimes in a few weeks and sometimes they are present years later. Exercise...

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Stress-related injuries are becoming increasingly common. The workload and hours are often extremely high, combined with a social life to maintain. This often means less sleep, unhealthy eating and less exercising / moving. Ending up in this...

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Nerve pain

Nerve pain can have several causes. The most commonly known nerve pain is a back or neck hernia. WIth a spinal hernia, the nerve root is compressed by a bulging intervertebral disc. All nerve entrapments that happen within the spine, like the...

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Hip and thigh problems

Nowadays we spend most of our days sitting. As a result, our hips and legs often remain in the same position for a long time, without much movement and / or muscle tension. Without movement, our muscles and joints become stiff, tight and weak. With...

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Knee injuries

Knee pain and knee injuries are the most common leg injuries. However, knee problems rarely arise from the knee itself They often arise because of a lack of motion in either the hip, ankle or foot. The kneejoint, which lies between these joints,...

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Calf and lower leg problems

Lower leg problems can develop acutely or build up over time. If the issues last longer than a week, we always advise to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.   Anatomy The lower leg is the part between your knee and your...

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Ankle and foot problems

The ankle and foot are essential in human movement, but no one pays attention to it. A waste! The foot is literally the foundation of the entire body. Problems in the feet can cause or maintain problems in the rest of the body.  ...

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